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 Stressing and even using the aesthetic qualities of the medium, Demel deprives his sculptures of referential meaning, abandoning them to the meaningless, sterile, futile, aimless beauty of a wooden form. The symbolic power of an object, that is, of a sign, to embody an announced meaning is cancelled in an astonishing, almost nauseating manner. The way in which these sculptures are positioned in space contributes further to their sense of being handicapped. Forms standing in captivity, mounted on metal holders, are less a sign of aerodynamic force and more a sign of the helplessness of objects imprisoned in visual sensation. Metal holders stand for crutches at a symbolic level, and are thus transformed from being an ancillary element to becoming an integral part of the sculpture in its entirety. The pedestal of the only free-standing piece in this series of sculptures is also ambivalent. Just like the metal holders, it stands in purposeful disproportion to the size of the sculpture. A square-shaped pedestal, like an iron-cast foot, it ties the sculpture to the ground and fixes it in space, rather than enhancing the impression of a freely-moving form. 

IM 08.