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While his style is seemingly positioned between the expressionist and the surrealist, Demel's painting strategy is primarily an affirmation of the very act of painting expression via a continuous, consecutive, compulsive cancellation of existing and the self-imposed parameters of the picture. By dialectically opposing, for instance, the linear logic of comic strips or films to the static representation of a painting; the illusionism of a frame to the presence of a painterly surface; a painter's gesture to a descriptive drawing; symbolic entanglement to mimetic representation, Demel creates a space defined by the ideal extremes within which a picture is never a finished concept, but is created each time afresh, thrusting in an exemplary manner through its own ontological limitations. The same is true of the series explicitly appropriating certain recognizable options of style. Repetition of picassoesque and other, well-known patterns, is nothing but ritual self-confirmation, confirmation of a personal artistic act that cancels, through the very radical adoption of the inherited, the sameness of a particular artistic proceeding, its connection to historical identities based on style, authorship or other features, establishing a work of art as the ultimate act of individual expression, the ethical embodiment of an individual who cannot be reduced to any particular artistically recognizable, communicatively exchangeable, and thus also marketable set of characteristics.

IM 08.