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This is a willful self-subordination to a different skill. Educated to be an academy-trained artist, and more specifically, a painter, Demel has been trying to experimentally master the craft of carpenter and reduce his activity to production of furniture. The result is a series of chairs. Although, of course, they can be used for practical purposes, in the order of the world of art, they are symbolic objects embodying the stated concept of self-cancellation of artistic practice by the practice of a craft. The higher or lower degree of pronounced aesthetic attractiveness of the chairs represents the main point of ambivalence. By opening up the dilemma of whether this is beautifully designed furniture or beautiful art, the chairs directly address the state in which beautiful as an aesthetic category has long ceased to be the key to understanding art. Assuming that they want to be recognized as art, that is, as a symbolic activity, the aesthetic qualities of the chairs require a conceptual justification and it is as such that they function as an artistic prototype. A beautiful chair in the artistic order is given an exemplary status. It represents a certain precedent at the level of an attempt to have the beauty of an object produced for everyday use become a determinant of artistic meaning.

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